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My most recent pap came back Atypical Glandular Cells of Unknown orgin. I am terrified and my research has only increased my stress. A little background on myself. I am 23 yrs old, just got married, and I have had ovarian and uterine cysts since I was 15, or at least thats when they were digniosed. I have had several paps come back ASCUS in the past, the most recent was a year and a half ago and they performed a Colposcopy and a biopsy, biopsy was normal. And my following pap was done 6 months later and was normal. The prervious ASCUS, was sent out to see if I had HPV, and I did. So nothing was done on that one. Just the second one. Now I have had this one come back with Glandular Cells. My mother had a complete hysterectomy at 23, and two of my fathers sisters never were able to have children. I am terrified! My doc is doing another colposcopy and endocervical biopsy on Jun 11th. However he hasn't said anything about a ECC or D and C. Should I push for one? And should my previous condition cause more alarm? Any advice or similar stories would be greatly appreciated. My husband and I do not have any children and want to wait a few more years, however now I am thinking "will we get the chance?"... Terrifed.
Definitely go for that second opinion! He should have, at the very least, done the colposcopy and an ECC. The endometrial biopsy, though helpful, is recommended for patients over age 35 (but then again, my previous paps were all normal, so I just researched my results/tests). But his reasoning doesn't sound terribly helpful - I've never had kids either, but there was no reason to dilate me. Hmmm. Definitely second opinion time.

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