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Your doctor is requesting a cone? I had the colposcopy done and they came back negative. However the doctor said that he clearly saw a lesion at 12:00 that he took a biopsy of. He also said that he saw several cells turn white but they were still to small. When the nurse initially called with the results they said that he would probably want to see me again in three months but then called back and told me to just wait a year! This seems like an awful long time to wait especially if he saw the lesion and said he thought it was CIN II/III looking at it. I am not waiting but going in to see a gyn/oncologist. Let me know how your results go! Good luck!
Yeah, straight to a cone biopsy. Seems a bit strange what with the negative biopsy but her words were 'it doesn't jive' with the pap results. I'm going in two weeks to get it scheduled so I'll ask lots of questions then. If I were you, I wouldn't wait a year either. Just to be safe. So you had a biopsy at the time of colposcopy that came back negative as well?

Good luck at the gyn/onc! I'll keep you updated with my situation, can you do the same?

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