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Thank you for your very detail condition. I have 3 cm complex septated cyst on my right side. Most of what went through or going through so am I. I went July 7 for my second u/s and waiting to hear back for the results. I'm 44 years old with no history of ovca or breast cancer in my family. My gyn is not concerned but I am. One thing you mentioned that's makes me go hmmmmm. In feb I went to my pcp due to a pain from my right side stomach which shoot to my right shoulder and arm pit The dr ruled it muscle related. I went on my business. The following week my gland on my neck swell with a low grade fever. Pcp ordered blood to check my white cell count. All came back normal. And they she put me on Prozac. Lol. It's all in my mind.

Jan I had a period, feb no period, mar period and then started get peri menopause sym. Hot flashes missing periods bloating diaherria urniating frequently. Drinking water and making me feel so full. Apr no period. Then in may a co worker asked me if I'm pregnant and of course I am not and told her it's that I'm bloated due to perimeno. She asked if my dr told me that and I said no. She told me to go see my gyn because 5 yrs ago her daughter at age 35 died of ovarian cancer. I freaked out and was at my gyn office that day. I called telling the nurse Im having heavy pain. I really wasn't but I wanted to be seen. And that how they found my cyst. So I believe since feb I had this cyst. The hot flashes stopped in may. In may I got a period jun also. Jun 22 and then on jul 7 th again. I went for my second u/s on jul 7 and waiting to see if my cyst is gone or still there.

How did your appt go today?

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