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I thought I would post my experience on here because I notice that alot of people never get answers or you never see what happened in the end. Maybe I can help someone else or get answers for myself.

In April 2012 I was woken up one night with lower left abdominal pain. I am the "wait and see type" so did so and the pain went away after a few hours. For a few weeks after that, I had a few sharp twinges in the same area and then it finally subsided. About mid-May, I had the same thing happen and from that point on, the pain became worse and was a constant stab. I also developed diarrhea.

I went to the doctor the beginning of June and we both considered diverticulitis because I have been diagnosed with diverticulosis. She sent me for a CT scan and there was a 3.4 cm cyst on my left ovary that the radiologist suggested I have an ultrasound for. The transvaginal ultrasound turned up a 3.9 cm complex cyst with septations and a nodule within one septation. The radiologist suggested short term followup with serial ultrasound in case it was an ovarian neoplasm.

I didn't even have a gynecologist because since I was done having babies and am post menopausal, I just had my PCP doing paps once every two years. These people are not easy to find! Well, they are everywhere but many are not taking new patients and most only want to take you if you are pregnant. But I didn't panic and I found one who doesn't want you if you are pregnant. I'll have an appointment with her in two weeks or so.

Meanwhile, after reading more about cysts, a lot of symptoms I have been having all make sense now. And some don't. I figured I'd list them here to help other people (and I can't believe that some that's about 4 cm can cause this much pain!!).

I am 48 years old, I went through menopause naturally 6 years ago. My mother has had breast cancer and my father has had colon cancer.

Lower left abdomen pain. It originally started near my hip and radiated down my leg and around my hip and right through to my back. Sometimes it starts next to my belly button and shoots right out through the left of my vagina. Now it varies where it is but it is usually constant sharp pain. And this varies widely. I can go a week and a half without any pain then have it three days in a row. I wish I could determine what makes it hurt some days and not others. I do know that moving around alot, like cleaning the house, can definitely set it off, but other times, it just starts hurting.

I also experience throbbing in my lower left abdomen. When this happens, there is lots of rumbling and grumbling on the left side, but no cramping.

I have been mostly an every-other-day-girl but the past month has been diarrhea.

Back pain: mostly on the left but the pain has sent my lower back into spasms and occasionally it shoots down my butt and down my leg.

Upper chest and should pain all on the left (don't worry, I recently had a stress test and echocardiogram so it's not that).

Pregnancy: or that's what I call it. Sometimes I am 9 months pregnant, sometimes only 3. Very uncomfortable bloating in other words.

Anemia? Started in December Not sure if this is related or not but with supplements I am doing better. We are not sure why I have anemia although the Dr. didn't really think we should look, she thought iron supplements were fine.

Fatigue: This has gotten significantly better since I started the iron and my blood levels are "normal" but very often, I can't make it past 2 pm without taking a nap.

I remember telling my husband a few months ago that it always feels like I just drank three gallons of water. I can even hear water sloshing around in my stomach. But it's a feeling of fullness and it makes me not want to eat. However, it really has not stopped me from eating. I continue to have this sensation off/on.

Weight gain. Not a lot of weight (5-6 pounds?) but in the past few months, I have starved myself and increased my walking only to gain weight. I would lose a 1/2 pound after two weeks. So I gave up. It seems to be stable now and I eat reasonably and indulge once a week.

A feeling of something being in my ribs on the left side. Almost like when I was pregnant and the baby's foot was up in my ribs. I can't slouch because it is very uncomfortable up under there.

I will try to keep this updated so there is a complete cyst story to help other people. In the meantime, if anyone has any ideas or suggestions or questions, please let me know.

48 hour update.

The pain at the incision sites are very, very minimal now. I have stopped taking pain meds (I hate taking medication for anything). My belly is still definately bloated but that is to be expected of course. Even the gas bubbles have mostly subsided and my shoulder and collarbone are fine. As the day went on yesterday, it got easier and easier to get up and down off couches and beds (but I'm still milking it because my three boys are cooking and cleaning!!!!!!

I am experiencing something that may be concerning though. I have lots of pain on my lower right abdomen which is extremely tender and hurts when I move at all. It hurts more than the incision sites if I press on it. It is also swollen there but not at the incisions. It's almost like where my right ovary would be but since it was my left ovary that was causing the troubles, I don't think I should have this much pain and swelling on the right side.

Also, there is a lot of pain under my right ribs and if I press on it, it feels like there is styrofoam under there. I assumed the pain might be from the gas rising up but what is that styrofoam feeling?? It's very weird. If it persists, I'll call the doc tomorrow.

I'm on the mend. I can honestly say that I am no longer having the terrible hip, back and leg pain. Also, that terrible feeling I was having up under my left ribs has gone away too! I'm on my way!

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