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HR HPV positive for at least four years

ASCUS for four years

Recent pap HR HPV and ASC-H

Colposcopy revealed lesion that they did a biopsy on. Doctor thought that it looked like it would come back CIN II/III. He also saw a high number of white cells covering my cervix but to small to biopsy (his words exactly).

Biopsy Results were negative and nurse said I had a healthy cervix. She said the doctor told me to come back in ONE year.

This is great news except for the fact that the doctor saw a lesion, pap smear thought that I may have a High Grade Lesion and I am positive for High Risk HPV. Isn't a year pretty long to wait to see if anything else happens? Just wondering if anyone else has a similar situation and what your doctors did. I can't help to shake the feeling that the biopsy is wrong. Plus the whole reason I went to the doctor was because I have was having extremely heavy periods and started bleeding after intercourse. They couldn't give me a reason to why this is happening and had nothing to tell me to do to make it stop! Any advice on what to do? Should I see another doctor or request to have my doctor see me again in three months?

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