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Yes. I had surgery last Monday to remove a 12cm ovarian cyst, apparently something had twisted, too. They removed the cyst and right ovary. No sign of cancer. I went to the hospital on Friday with severe joint pain. My SI joint goes out all the time, and my chiro couldn't get it back in place this time because my muscles were so tight, so I went to the ER. While they were looking for the cause of the hip pain, they did a CAT scan and found the cyst and admitted me to the hospital for surgery. No clue it was there, but my waist had been getting larger lately and I was complaining to friends about having to continue buying larger pants, was now going to elastic waists only! The surgeon kept trying to say the cyst was causing the pain, but it wasn't and I convinced him to give me a muscle relaxer on Friday, and the hip quit hurting by the next morning. When he realized Saturday morning it really wasn't the cyst causing the severe pain (because a muscle relaxer wouldn't have stopped the pain), he scheduled the surgery for Monday.

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