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I would appreciate all the advice you can give, even if it doesn't sound like my problems are due to possible cancer. I'm afraid something is amiss here and I am really not sure whether to worry or not. This year has been "off" as far as female issues are concerned and only getting worse. I feel very confident in my doctor, who I feel has been thorough. But while some of my issues are common for some women, mine are NOT common for me at all. Also, I have no idea how long it could take for something to turn from "we don't see anything worrisome" to something bad (weeks, months, years?). I apologize in advance if my post is lengthy and I'll do my best to keep it short with only the post relevant information.

I turned 39 in April. Normal 28-day cycle my whole life. Around 1/12, started experiencing fainting spells, EXTREME fatigue, a host of gastro problems, weight loss and gain (within 10lbs, so not a lot), etc. Pretty much everything serious ruled out except severe anemia, which went back to normal after a couple months of taking iron supplements. During annual exam in 3/12, no problems noted other than 3cm hemorrhagic cyst, which had shrunk 6 weeks later (4/12). No big deal. Normal pap (even negative HPV). Last period 5/22 - totally normal.

Approx 1.5 weeks before my June cycle was supposed to begin, I spotted twice after intercourse. It was dark brown and stringy, but very light (no pad necessary, only there when wiping). I thought I was possibly starting early, brought on by sex (which has happened when it is very close to my period, but this was very early). I kept waiting for it to get heavier. I had all the signs of starting to the extreme - SEVERE bloating (gained 5lbs), distended stomach, mild cramping (which is not really normal for me as I rarely cramp), SEVERE fatigue, like when I was anemic and needing naps everyday.

Instead after 4 days of spotting it completely went away. I thought for sure I was pregnant, which is the only time I've ever missed or been late for a period in my life. After about 6 negative hpts, I went to the gyno for a blood test. Everything completely normal - neg preg test, "perfect" FSH, TSH, and prolactin levels. New issues emerged also, such cramping before bowel movements and urgency, change in bowel consistency (constipated for months and now diarrhea, irritability (which is getting better), urinary incontinence (even the slightest cough, I'm peeing on myself), and EXTREMELY gassy (seems to be non-stop). It's like I have the worst PMS ever and no relief!!!! Also, the last few times I've had intercourse it has been uncomfortable "in there", but no more spotting.

I'm not sure if any of this should make me worry, which is why I'm here. I still experience some discomfort (crampy) still, but nothing happens, and gas and fatigue are not getting better but worse. I still take the iron so I am sure it's not anemia. I also know spotting and missed periods are normal for some, but not for me. I do not take any birth control but use condoms. I have never taken any hormones for anything, only IUD for birth control. So it definitely isn't due to birth control of any sort.

Could something have been missed during earlier tests and has become progressively worse during the last months? I'm not sure how long it takes from a negative result to positive when it comes to ovarian cancer or some other serious illness. I do not have endo, lining of uterus was normal during ultrasounds in March. I was experiencing painful intercourse then too but nothing appeared to be wrong and seemed to coincide with ovulation.

Any advice would be so helpful to me. I need to know if I should worry about this at all (especially since I had normal tests recently), or not.

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