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Hi new to this site and had a very traumatic experience with the practice nurse in my local doctors surgery but suppose i should start at the beginning.

at the age of 21 i insisted on having a smear test. doctor told me i was too young that it was going to come back abnormal but would be in essance a "NORMAL" abnormality for a woman under the age of 25 and i would be putting myself under unnessasary smears and all sorts of treatments. when i insisted she reluctantly agreed and low and behold as she predicted my result came back as borderline nuclear change. I felt stupid and as a result all subsecquent requests for repeat smears were ignored and went in the bin.

so early this year i registered and booked into a clinic (not practice nurse in my regular doctors surgery) and had my smear test. I was told i would have to wait six weeks for my results. They came back in 4. "your smear test was abnormal recommedation for colposcopy". Panic insued something has to be wrong. rang the well woman clinic was told no its only borderline just need to get it checked nothing to worry about. so i rang the colposcopy clinic to get my appointment confirmed over the phone rather than wait for the letter. I was told i had an appointment for a few weeks time. they rang me back the next day actually can you come in in a few days. now im really worried.

went to the hospital for the colposcopy appointment was told my smear test showed some type of high grade abnormality and they were going to do biopsy to confirm. during the colposcopy i was told i had cin2 and they were sending biopsy for further testing to find out more. should have the results in six weeks.

that was weeks ago was told yesterday the results were in the post since last week. still waiting!!!!!

anyway havent felt right since the biopsy so went to see the nurse in my regular gp surgery yesterday to get checked and make sure i didnt get an infection or anything from the biopsy. she wasnt happy i didnt go to her for my smear told me i am to send her in all my results and i pretty much got by the way you have cysts on your cervical when you go for treatement for the cin2 be sure to mention it.

im so in shock and embarrassed i couldnt bring myself to tell anyone what happened yesterday hadnt told anyone i was going to see the nurse. As you can imagine im in a bit of a state and not sure what to do.

Sorry for the long ramble.
thank you all for your responses, Allanniah i hope everything goes ok with your appointment and try to keep in mind it normally takes around five years for adenocarcinoma in situ to progress into early invasion (weeks and weeks of reading every online medical report on cervical abnormalities) so im sure that its been caught in plenty of time and that treatment will resolve it. I hope you have someone you can talk to because its the waiting and waiting for results and the not knowing that is the horrendous part.

i was very upset after the appointment and all day yesterday but now im just angry. the nurse had her nose is out of joint because i didnt go to her to get my smear test done she wasnt a bit happy over it and she had absolutely no grounds what so ever to demand what she did i didnt present with one symptom i mearly went for a check up to make sure everything was ok after the biopsy because i hadnt felt i was back to normal yet which it turns out i was right being that i didnt have those cysts when i got the colposcopy and biopsy done. she was so rude and unprofessional and had absolutely no bedside manner what so ever. her attitude was totally out of line and im kicking myself that i didnt get up and walk out but i was so shocked and vunerable in that state and just wanted to get it over and done with.

As for the biopsy results i had been doing quite well with dealing with it and not letting it take over my life and that horrible nurse just tipped me over the edge. i am worried naturally but i had been trying to keep myself in the mind set that its nothing serious and is highly unlikely that it will be anything more than might require an LEEP or something along those lines to remove the abnormality. after that appointment though its been hard to get back into that mind set but hopefully the results will come today and i can put my mind at rest.

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