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i just wanted to write this to give anyone who may be going through this some comfort. for the last 3 months i have been freaking out, thinking that i had ovarian cancer. i will give the shortened version of the story. in may, i was laying on my bed and felt a large mass in my lower belly. i thought it was my uterus. made an appointment, had a physical.. dr. thought it was a swollen uterus so sent me to have an ultrasound. got the results... 14 centimeter complex mass, likely of ovarian origin (on the right side). FREAKED out... met with the dr. who said it needed to be surgically removed because they do not know what is inside it. he said he could not tell me that it wasn't cancer. i didn't like that answer, so went to another dr. who pretty much told me that same thing. he wanted to cut me from my belly button down to my pubic bone. i said "hell no" i do not want that large of a scar. went to a gyn/onc for a 3rd opinion. the guy was a jerk and said it did not "seem" like cancer, but wanted me to have more testing done. CA125 was 12 and some other blood test was "negative". he also made me get a CAT scan. i wondered why but just did it anyways. he also wanted to cut me vertically because the mass was SO large (at this point it had grown). nope. i wasn't having it. finally i looked up minimally invasive surgery done by the da vinci surgical system. my friend is an anesthesiologist so we called him and he referred us to someone that is quite familiar with this type of surgery. he said that he was willing to try the robotic laparoscopy on me because he did not think it was cancer. the surgery was scheduled for friday the 13th of july. i hated the date but that is all that was available. the surgery was 4 hours long and the cyst ended up being the size of SOCCERBALL. (btw, i am not fat or overweight... just an average sized girl with a swollen belly!) when i woke up, i saw the doctor. he told me that during surgery, the cyst had ruptured. that sent 3 sections of the ovary to the pathologist and it came back benign so he was not concerned that it had ruptured. it was a mucinous cystadenoma. had multiple "pockets" or septations and some other junk floating around in there. GROSS. it has been a week since the surgery and i just got a call with the final pathology results. BENIGN! thank the GOOD LORD. i am feeling much, much better and am so glad that i shopped around to find a good dr. i have four VERY SMALL holes in my lower belly. in a year or so, they should be gone. the first week post-op was rough. lots of burning and pinching where my ovary was... but i feel great now. it is sooo worth it to get several opinions and just remember that most cysts end up being benign. ask me if you have ANY questions because i have done more research that most doctors probably do!!! ;)

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