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Hey chica! So a random doctor called me tonight and started with, "I have your PET/CT results - is it ok if you talk to me about them, or would you rather talk to your doctor? He's out of town until tomorrow." My heart sank. I thought it was bad news. I told him I didn't care who it was, I wanted my results. Lymph nodes are CLEAR!!!!!! The only spot that lit up with cancer was my cervix - so apparently the cone biopsy didn't get it all. Which I'm totally ok with - so freaking happy my lymph nodes are clear. I can deal with rest since I already knew about it.

And honey, I know all about the random tears. They still sneak up on me every now and again, and I've been dealing with this for over a month. It's completely normal. I pray you get your results and they are completely benign, or at least something that is easily manageable. I think it's fantastic that you are still close to your ex and can lean on him when you need to. There's not a lot of exes that would do that. I've been divorced for 2+ years from a man I was married to for almost 12 years, and I don't even know if he knows. He hates me and I have a feeling his response would be 'bi$%h deserves it.' But I'm still close with both of his kids who I raised for almost 14 years before the divorce, so that's good. So yeah, it's amazing that your ex is there for you. Lean on him as much as you can if he can give you what you need.

I can kind of imagine what you're going through as far as the stress from the test results - it's agonizing. But as far as your job and your personal life - I can't even imagine. My worst stress prior to my results was getting sent to Afghanistan - which my pap results put the kibosh on. I just kind of traded one stress for another. But the constant stress...I got nothing. If you need someone to lean on, I'll be here. Seriously, I've already added one friend on facebook going through the same thing I am that I met on another board - we e-mail all the time about the stresses, the emotions, the test results, how it affects our relationships - everything. This may sound cheesy, but I kind of feel like if I can help as many people as I can get through the same crap I'm going through, then my life has been a complete success. So yeah, I'll keep posting here and doing my best to answer questions for as long as people keep asking. :)
Oh no! I was so wrapped up in my crazy spell yesterday that I completely missed your reply! How was your doctor's appointment? I hope it went well! I'm so glad your mom was able to go with you. It really does help to have someone else there - I discovered I either 'forgot' or didn't hear some of the things my oncologist said (oddly enough, every single mention of chemo/radiation), but my husband reminded me of. That's one thing I've learned - always take someone with you.

Ummm...let's see what you asked. Oh, since it's a radical hysterectomy I'll be kept at least overnight - longer if my recovery doesn't go so hot. Average is from 1-3 nights, I think. Had a friend stay 2 nights for hers because she had a low grade fever the following day. So we'll see.

And I am sorry to tell you, yes and no on the 'did it get better when I knew what I was dealing with' question. It did for a while, but the doc didn't tell me everything on the phone. So initially, it sucked to learn I had invasive cancer, but I was confident surgery would get rid of it so I felt ok with it. Then when I had my follow-up and got my pathology report that showed a lot more than he'd let on over the phone, it really hit me. I have good days and bad days now - Mostly good, to be honest. But I completely fell apart yesterday - my husband told me he was surprised it took this long. I'm doing better today, but I really wish it were next week already.

I really hope your appointment went well today - was this the appointment with the new cancer center doc? Sorry, I'm a bit forgetful lately...


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