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Hi there, Completed. Just read your post and wanted to respond because I had the same questions you did after my AGC results. Mine came with high risk HPV and atypical squamous cells. And this was my first ever abnormal pap - last normal one was a year prior. You're right - it's hard to find people who ask a question about it, then come back and let you know how things went. I look at that as a good thing - it means they had a few more tests and everything was normal. No one posts about being fine and healthy it seems.

I started a thread a few months ago about my AGC journey - it's somewhere on here - page 1 or 2. But in answer to your questions: squamous cells and glandular cells are completely different. I'm sure occasionally there can be a mistake or a false postive, but probably not often. (Not a doctor, just regurgitating what I've learned in my few months of frantically researching this.) It's a fairly rare pap result, so I would imagine they'd be sure. Now, on to your gyno. Find a new one. The normal protocol with that result is a colposcopy (with possible biopsy if they see an abnormality), an ECC and an endometrial biopsy if you're over 35. For your doctor to tell you you could wait 6 months is ludicrous - and the 'I probably just got some glandular cells along with the squamous?' Even if that were the case, they still shouldn't be abnormal. Honestly, most gyns never see this pap result. I would recommend transferring to a gynecologic oncologist as they're the experts in this. I'm NOT saying it's cancer, but you want someone who is used to seeing these results - and that is the advice I got everywhere I looked when I got my AGC results.

If you have any questions, please let me know. I feel like I've read every published document on the internet on AGC.

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