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Hello Everyone...

I have been reading these boards for days trying to make sense of what is happening with me. I also have been researching online to try to answer my question but I still have a few i hope you can help me with. I will start with my situation and then ask the questions at the end.

Three years ago i noticed an increase in discharge. I am 33 and have two children with a history of endometriosis. I went to my GP due to the discharge and foul odour. He diagnosis a bacterial infection. For two years I was on and off the meds for Bacterial Vaginosis. The discharge never went away but sometimes the odour would improve. My frustration grew to the point that I requested a referral to my gyno. I did have pap tests done and they showed normal but with infection. In this time I also requested to go on the pill do to heavy menstrual flow and large clots. I was denied due to my age. I knew there was something not right but couldn't get an answer. About a year ago i noticed a change in my stools. They are flat instead of round. I thought it odd but soon it became the norm and was pushed to the back of my mind.

I saw my gyno after a three month wait and discussed the discharge with him. I wrote off the heavy period and pain during sex due to endometriosis. The gyno did a pap and asked me if at that current time i thought i was having issues. I said i had discharge but no odour. He reassured me that i was in my prime and the discharge was completely normal. That pap came back with atypical squamish cells and to repeat in six months.

I repeat eight months later. This test came back with low grade squamish cell lesion and atypical glandular cells. They did not tell me about the glandular cells. I received a call from the gyno's office to say my doctor would like to do a leep, d&c, and a hyseroscopy and could i come in thursday if i could take a local. I was told it was a lsil and a general was available. I opted for general so my next appointment is august 15 to set a date.

In the mean time I decided i would like a colonoscopy referral to be sure. I lost a very young aunt last year to colon cancer. I went to my doctor to make my request and while there i asked about my pap results. This was my GP. He said we called to ensure they would do follow up and skimmed over it saying quickly oh it lsil. Btw i would like a white blood cell count. I have enough medical knowledge to know something was being withheld.

After requesting my pap results two days later i discovered that i have atypical glandular cells. I went to my gynos office to talk to him because i was so upset. He made me feel like i was way over reacting. He said: its not a big deal. If you told me you were going away for school for six months i would tell you we can wait. He also said that probably when he took the sample it contaminated glandular cells with squamish and that's all it was. So that's where i am at.

Can squamish cells be mistaken for glandular?

Is there more procedures that i need that i have not listed? EEC?

Am i over reacting? Are my chances better it is nothing then something?

Can i trust this gyno? He has been my gyno since i was sixteen when he did my first endometriosis surgery. I have always trusted him till now. Now i am scared and his flippant regard has put me off.

I would really appreciate opinions, knowledge and if you would like to share similar experiences so i know i am not crazy to be worried.

Thanks so much even if you just take the time to read this.

I promise to update. I find it very depressing to find a similar story but never hear the outcome.
Aw, no worries. I didn't feel pressured at all. I am just trying to do my best to help out anyone I see who has these results because I could have used that when I got mine! :)

I am so happy you had a good sit-down with your doc! And that's fantastic that he's doing his best to get you the colpo asap. Now on to your questions. ASUS (I believe that's ASC-US 'atypical squamous cells - undetermined significance' here in the US) is just that - squamous cells that look a little off for some unknown reason. Squamous cells are the type of cell that are on the surface of the cervix. ASC-US is the 'mildest' of abnormal paps. AGC is atypical glandular cells - the glandular cells are completely different. They produce mucus and are in the uterus and the opening of the cervix. So as far as I know, AGC is not a progression of ASC-US at all. Totally different cells, totally different results.

As far as the LEEP - it is not recommended for AGC results because it burns/cauterizes the edges of what they cut out. The pathologist then can't analyze that tissue and say whether or not they got it all. Cold knife cone biopsy is the standard. Of course, that should all be after a colposcopy and ECC. The ECC is the least invasive biopsy between the ECC, LEEP and CKC. They should do the ECC at the same time as the colposcopy so you have a good idea on what's going on. Wait - I just noticed you said colonoscopy. Typo or did I totally miss something else going on?

Whew. Hope I answered all of your questions. Let me know if you've got more - I really am happy to help. :)
Hi ladies - saw my name mentioned on the previous page, so I figured I'd pop in and let everyone know I'm alive. Surgery went ok, but instead of spending one night, they kept me for 4 nights. I had some minor (temporary, they think) nerve damage in one hand and leg after surgery, and had some issues with solid food, but other than that it went well. The doc is confident I'm all clear - 2 week follow up is this Wed where I'll get my pathology reports from the surgery. He had 2 lymph nodes biopsied while I was in surgery and they were clear, and removed a few smaller clusters that we're still waiting on. Oh, the other exciting down-side from a radical hysterectomy is going home with a catheter. Good fun. :-(

I think there was a question for me too...Oh, if you have AGC results and they want to do a LEEP, it is not out of line AT ALL for you to request a cone biopsy. A LEEP burns the edges of what they take out, so they can't say for sure whether or not the margins are clear. That's fine with surface abnormalities, but the glandular stuff...not so much. As far as your polyp on the cervix - I honestly don't know. I haven't heard of a cervical polyp, so I can't give you any help on that. My first gyn mentioned seeing a fibroid, that actually turned out to be a cancerous tumor though. Maybe try your friend google and see what it says about polyps? And oh goodness, I totally understand your frustration with the doc not looking at your chart before the appointment, and not seeing the AGC results. Been there, done that. And I didn't get the 'you're too young' blow off, I got the 'you're skinny and healthy looking' blow off. I don't understand how doctors can even think of saying things like that. Grrrrr.

Anyway, I'm sure I only answered about half of the questions you had, but a week and a half post-surgery, I'm still fuzzy headed and get really tired really easily. I hope your wait for answers is short and everything comes back clear!


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