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I was just told today that Stage 1 (of three) abnormal (pre-cancerous) cells were found in my cervix. I had an abnormal pap smear in March, but because of lack of insurance, time and money, I was never able to get into a doctor to figure out what was going on until late June, where they did an exam, and took two biopsies. Today was when I could finally get back in to hear the results of the exam. He told me that we would have to wait and see, because I am 25 and very healthy (I eat healthy, work out on a regular basis, and previous blood tests have proven nothing is wrong there) so they did not want to do the only available procedure in the hopes that I will be able to fight it off on my own, the follow up appointment is in December.

Hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst, I have been asking around in my family and found out that several female family members have had different types of cancers (as well as several other serious health problems, which is why I'm the "health freak" of the family). My fraternal grandmother had breast cancer three times and a tumor in her leg and my mother had leukemia as a child that is still affecting her (several people have suggested she has Lupis since her body's immune system attacks itself.)

Does anyone know if the history of cancers increases the risk of my body not being able to defend itself? Also, how long would it take my body to heal itself of the abnormal cells? I'm just curious, thank you before hand for your time! :)

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