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Good luck with your results.

I'm nearing the end of my abysmal 8 week wait - my cone came back AIS with poor margins do I've had to wait to be fully healed up for a repeat colp+ecc+punch biopsy which is happening this Friday.

I'm hoping to have my results by Wednesday next week - I'm all too familiar with the dark cloud that you're currently under.

This is my second cone - and due to the size the last one I can have before it's virtually a trachelectomy but not nearly as neat. The first weeks of waiting we're hell - the last two haven't been as bad, but I'm sure the handful of days between Friday and results will seem like an eternity.
Thanks Sunbird, I'm resting up and trying not to focus on the fact that today I should have had results back from my repeat ecc and punch!

My appointment is now on the 14th - so I should have answers by next Friday. I must be a total wuss because I've been in so much more pain post surgery than prior and it was laprascopic rather than open. But chewing down the pain mess and hoping for a marked improvement tomorrow.

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