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I don't have a follow up appointment until three weeks from now. Whatever was going on this weekend has passed, so it must not have been an infection.

My recovery has been quite smooth, the day after my surgery, I went to work. I work with horses, so my work can be quite physical. I just gave a few shots that day after surgery, and all was well. The second day after, I stretched a bit while trying to work on a crazy horse, and that felt a little weird, so we abandoned the task. I only bled a little bit of brown blood for the first ten days post.... At seven days post, I had to lift some pretty heavy equipment, and as am self employed, there was no one else to do it. I was pretty tired out that night, and felt as if I may have overdone it a bit, but all was fine (I wouldn't ,however, recommend it, you can blow your sutures out, or prolapse your uterus).

About 11 days post, I started to bleed bright red, with some small clots. Today is day 13, and the bleeding has picked up a bit, with some quarter size clots. I guess this is normal, as the scab falls off of the biopsy site....they said to expect bleeding for up to 4 weeks, and to only be concerned if I had fever, abdominal pain, or went through a pad an hour.

I was not feeling very well for only the first 4 days, I think that I was tired from the anesthesia. The first pain pill that I took made me sick, so I never took anything more than ibuprofen after that. Depending on your reaction to the anesthesia, your pain tolerance, and how long you are on the narcotics, you probably won't be down longer than a few days.

I hope that helps! Did you get a date for your cone biopsy? Are you able to relax your mind at all yet? I hope so!

Take Care,

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