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I'm kind of freaked out b/c of all of the redirects to ovarian cancer.

In April I went backpacking in Africa and wound up on Cipro. Even after coming back to the states, I had some kind of raging belly problem that the doctor decided was post-infections IBS...diarrhea, terrible burning/cramping, then constipation. Nothing showed up on tests (no blood or parasites). Probiotics seemed to help, and after about a month of them the diarrhea pretty much stopped.

The cramping never fully went away. Then last month, I was convinced I was pregnant. Lower back pain, this kind of interminable PMS-style set of symptoms (weight gain, cramping, swollen breasts). Period was a week late. I've been pregnant before, this is what it felt like. I went to the doctor, pregnancy test was neg, urine showed blood so I went on antibiotics but then UTI test came back negative. Got my period, felt some relief.

Now it's three weeks later. (My last period started on the 12th) I've got the same symptoms, but this time there are sharp pains on the right side, too, like an ovarian cyst (I had one a few years ago). It feels worse when I'm walking up stairs. Sometimes stretching actually makes it feel a little bit better. It's sort of a vague sense that something inside and a few inches above my thigh is out of whack. I feel pain after a BM, and I can also feel it if I kind of push down with pelvic muscles during sex, or if I'm on the toilet.

Does this sound like a cyst? Would it flare up around period time? I'm a bit terrified of the ovarian cancer thing b/c of the April extreme bowel problems and the bloating/water retention...I've read they commonly misdiagnose early OC as IBS. I'm having an ultrasound on Friday but am pretty freaked out.

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