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Hi, I am 24 years old. I've been having ovarian cyst problems for several years now. All of which have been quite harmless, until today. I woke up in severe pain that resulted in being rushed to the hospital by ambulance. Leading up to this visit to the ER, here are some whacked out symptoms I've been experiencing:
Continuous bowel changes (color, texture, solid and loose, etc.)
Continuous bloating of abdomen
Continuous pelvic pain, abdominal pain, and pain up my right side
Lower back pain
Pressure type pelvic pain
Blood in urine and bowel, been treated for several UTIs
Very tender and swollen breasts
Rashes at elbow closure almost like its overtop my veins
Been treated for several vaginal yeast infections
Cystic like acne
Dizziness, loss of color in face and lips, trouble focusing, faint/nauseas feeling in chest
Itchiness all over
Painful joints, esp pelvic area (hips, sciatic, etc)
Last period wasn't exactly present, I had 4 days of residue/debris type bleeding and have yet to have one this month so my last period was June 1st or 7th and was early

Now instead of only functional, simple cysts on my ovaries I now have a 4 x 3 cm cystic mass on my right ovary. Not sure how long it has been there but the symptoms listed above are what I've been dealing with this year. I had an ultrasound done about a month or two ago that the ER doc claims came back normal. But now they're saying I have this mass. Plus a lot of fluid built up in my pelvic area around my uterus. Discharge is minimal now, it was clear and clumpy like that of ovulation. Anyway...should I worry of cancer? Has anyone been through similar experiences and know what to expect? I know there's no real way of knowing until I see a doctor but that's a couple days away...
Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Please and thank you in advance. :)

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