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I started having symptoms about a year ago and they have gotten progressively worse. It started with right sided pelvic pain. Now I have excruciating pelvic pain, very heavy discharge constantly , pain and burning in my pelvic bones, bloating and feeling full alot and extreme fatigue. I went to a new OB/GyN as i had always gone to planned parenthood and this seemed out of their scope. I had an Ultra sound and bloodwork which came out fine. My OB/gyn thought i most likely had endometriosis going on. Rather than endure laproscopic procedure to diagnose and then another surgery to treat we decided since I was 40 and had all the kids I wanted to do a hysterectomy. Two days before my surgery my doctor called me to tell me I couldn't have the operation as my pap game back HGIL
After a colposcopy I learned I had CIN 3 and my ECC came back abnormal. I next had a Cone biopsy done that removed and confirmed diagnosis and ECC was clean. I feel like something was missed. Is it possible I am having these awful symptoms and a HGIL, and it's just a coincidence and not related to eachother? Couldn't there still be Cancers in the Uterus? Shouldn't i still have an endometrial biopsy? And I have a pap every year and do not miss..c ould I have Cin 3 after just a year? Is it possible something was missed ???

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