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Thats interesting as I have Hashimotos also! Been taking medicine for it for 8 years now.
You will be fine to have babies. First discovered I had cysts in college and they did a laporasctomy to remove it (through the belly button) and they put me on the pill to avoid more (I dont think they do that anymore though). However a few years later while on the pill I had another cyst. This cyst twisted and ruptured and was VERY painful. They did surgery and removed "most of my right ovary". 18 Years later got pregnant and told by my Dr most of my removed ovary had regenerated itself through the years. So back to having 2 ovaries.
Since I had my children I have had cysts that always go away by themselves except for this stubborn one. Sigh////I hate being a woman sometimes!

Just take care of this cyst and then get on a regular cycle and I am sure you will be pregnant in no time..
I honestly think you are fine except you have a pesky ovarian cyst!!!\\
Did you look up the posts by Estia yet? Estria? (cant remember her exact screen name) but she will make you feel much better. I know she did me!!!!


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