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I recently went for my annual exam and my doctor was really bothered by the redness of my cervix. She mentioned it several times, and also talked about a "bulky cervix." She even went as far to say "oh my." She sent me for an ultrasound, but the diagnosis on that was for fibroids (which I also did not know I had.) Now for some details. I'm 36, have a two year old child, haven't had intercourse in over a year and before that wore condoms when I did. I have had one abnormal pap in my life and my colposcopy was normal. I did, however, wait too long for my annual. I was due for that almost two years ago. (Shame on me, I know!) Can anyone explain to me what all this is about an if anyone has been in similar situations? I have a follow up appointment with my doctor in two weeks and cannot get in sooner, she's booked. Thanks, in advance.

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