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Hello all!
I am brand new to this website but have been reading some past post and have some some really amazing things! I was hoping I could also get some answers, suggestions, thoughts, experiences, etc!

I just turned 24 and am single but in a long-term committed relationship. About 9 months ago I received an abnormal pap smear that was followed up with Colposcopy. These test results didn't indicate anything alarming. So I was then scheduled for a repeat pap smear 6 months later.

The test results received after the repeat pap indicated I have Atypical Glandular Cells and am HPV positive. I have already been through prior Colposcopy at this point so am now recommended to do the procedure Edometrial Curretage Conization (ECC) or a Cone Biopsy. I am unsure of what this means and am meeting with the obgny oncologist next week to get more information.

I'm hoping to get some tips on questions to be sure to ask and what may be in store for me in the near future with these sort of test results. My OBGYN was extremely alarming and to be honest scared the living daylights out of me!! I am young, never had any children and am seriously worried about my fertility at this point! S.O.S.!

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