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And survey says (wait for it)....

After a pap of AGC-FN ....

ECC: inconclusive for glandular dysplasia, microglandular hyperplasia

biopsy: inconclusive for glandular dyplasia, low grade squamous (mild dysplasia / CIN with koilocytic atypia)

Pathologist recommendation : re-biopsy of endocervical mucosa recommended to exclude recurrent lesion

Would you like to know what I ended up with? Recommendation to take my folic acid (which I've been doing religiously) and a "see you in six months"...

I am so livid at my Dr right now I can't stand it. I looked up my pathology results from the ECC and biopsy last year and it says the SAME thing "inconclusive for glandular dysplasia". When I asked about it, nothing was said except "its only minor, we'll see you in 6 months". I also asked about what the results mean since I know I am still HPV+ high-risk (my body isn't clearing it) and they said the SAME thing.

I am waiting for a call back from a gyn/onc. When I get the date for the appt, I'm going to sign the release form to send all my records to that office.

I am more upset at the lackadaisical attitude of the office I switches to AFTER I was treated for AIS. I'm at wits end.

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