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About a month ago, I received a call that my pap was abnormal. I went and got a colposcopy done. My doctor called with the results and said the abnormalities on the outside of the cervix were benign but that the tissue sample from the inside came back as CIN II. (Does this mean that an ECC was done?)

So, she recommended a LEEP procedure. I had that done about a week ago, and she called me this morning and explained that my LEEP pathology came back as no abnormalities found. She said this can mean one of two things a) The CIN II abnormality was small, and the biopsy plus my body's reaction to the inflammation took care of it or b) She didn't get the lesion in the LEEP. She advised that I come back in 6 months for a follow up pap, and if abnormalities are found, we may have to consider a different procedure.

I have tons of questions, and it's obviously VERY frustrating to hear that she may not have gotten the area that needed to be removed and I went through that for nothing, and will have to go through that again in another 6 months. Has anyone had an experience with a similar situation? Particularly, where the CIN was diagnosed in the cervical canal and then the LEEP came back negative? My concern is that since you can't see in the canal, it was completely missed and it's still growing inside me and progressing towards cancer.

I'd really love anyone's advice. I'm driving myself insane here!

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