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Day after LEEP
Oct 12, 2012
I haven't actually posted my story yet, but I have been on here reading and responding to other posts.
Unfortunately, I'm not new to abnormal pap smears or biopsies. My first one started in 2006. After the colopo and LEEP, I have had normal pap smears ever since. Then this year at my yearly exam (Febuary), it came back mildly abnormal. I didn't freak out too much since I've had this happen. I was scheduled for another colpo and biopsy as soon as possible. The biopsy came back worse than the pap, so my gyn suggested that we should probably move forward with another LEEP in April. My biggest concern I addressed with her was my ability to have children once a second LEEP was done. (I'm 27, not married and haven't had any children yet.) She assured me it shouldn't cause too many problems.
I went back for another pap smear and ECC 4 months later. This time the ECC was showing abnormal cell growth and so was the pap. After all this I was told that I was being staged at CIN 111 and that she was refering me to a gynocologist oncologist for further treatment in September. I went into panic mode.
I met with the new Dr, he did a colpo, ECC and biopsy. Once that was over we went to his office to talk about what my fears were. Again, I brought up the ability to have children, so he told me that he would take a hysterectomy off the table (for now). He did tell me that I have little cervix left, but should still be able to get and stay pregnant.
On a Saturday (!!) my oncologist called me with the latest results, and said he'd like to do another LEEP and ECC, this time under sedation so that he could be more precise in what he took. I had that yesterday. I think it's so much easier in the office with local. After I got home from the hospital I was vomiting and had a pretty bad migraine. Today I feel better, but still have that nagging headache.
The nurse at the hospital said I should probably hear from him within the week about the results, if not, I will hear more at my 2 week follow up.
It's hard not to worry, but going from "mild" abnormal to CIN111 in less than a year has me worrying a lot!


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