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Welcome, and don't stress out too much until you know more.
While I have never had an IUD, I have been Dx as high risk and Cin111. After any of my biopsies the dr has always said to wait 2 weeks before having sex, using tampons, basically don't put anything up there for that long. Were you within that window of time? If you were, it could have been bleeding from the biopsy sites.
Depending on how your results come back, and how aggressive your dr is, will determine if you will need a LEEP or not. I've had 3 LEEP's (2 in office, my last one was under sedation) and they really weren't that bad. Typically if you go that route, the LEEP will get rid of any abnormal cells.
If you have any more questions ask, and good luck waiting on your results.

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