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I am 34, a mother of 6 children. I used to smoke, quit in February 2012. Heres my history. Normal paps all my life until 2010 during my last pregnancy. Diagnosed with HPV. They did a colo/biopsy. Everything came back normal. YAY! After baby was born, had the essure implant (no more babies for me lol)Then 2011, no HPV and normal Pap. YAY again! 3 months after normal pap, started having brownish discharge between periods and my periods would be really late. Went for a trasvag ultrasound. They diagnosed me with PCOS. Cysts on my ovaries. Kinda shocking for me. Went for a follow up, they were gone. YAY once again! Went for another follow up, they were back. And then another one, they were gone. Then I stared the brownish discharge again, late periods or skipped periods, bad right leg cramps with swelling more visible on that leg. But leg cramps would go away after period. Chalked it up to getting older. In September, I had a significant amount of fluid discharge two weeks prior to my period. It was one incident. Watery with blood tinged. I went for a wet smear, the results were possible infection/irritation. I asked for a pap smear and had a little earlier than my 1 year. Came back with abnormal and HPV again. Did a colo/biopsy. Results given to me over the phone as CIN11 Moderate dysplasia. Asked me to come in to have a LEEP. Had the LEEP. They asked me then to set an appointment a week from that day to get results. During the LEEP it took longer than she said it would. Is that bad? Did they see more dysplasia? Can cervical cancer come on this quick? I am SOOOO confused and scared. I just called my doctors office to see if the results were in early. The nurse got on the phone and said, they cannot give me the results over the phone due to the sensitivity of the results and a doctor needs to be the one to discuss with me in person in case there is a need for other procedures. Okay, so does this mean they have my results and its bad, and they dont want to tell me over the phone, or is this just standard and how they handle it with all patients? I know I get my results tomorrow, but I am so scared and sweating bullets. Any help would be great!!

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