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Hi everyone,

This is my first post. I will get straight down to it. In early September I decided, (after two months of avoiding it), that I would go for my three yearly pap smear test. I was avoiding it because they always came back normal anyway and I hated being poked down there, which for me was a really degrading experience. Well the reminders kept coming and finally I gave in. I remember coming home afterward and joking with my partner about refusing treatment if it came back abnormal, but at the time it never crossed me mind or his that it actually would. Surely enough within 7 days i received a letter informing me that I had moderate dysplasia. An appointment was made for the colposcopy the following week. There was a leaflet that came with the letter and I began to research every word side effect any links to the words their meaning their links their side effects and basically i was an emotional wreck that whole week. You see I’m the type of person that trusts nothing and questions everything! I learnt about all the treatments pros and cons, read about personal experience and even watched videos.

The colposcopy was a horrible experience. The guy performing the internal was cold as ice and didn't like that I question him about what he would be doing. The punched biopsies taken gave me sharp stabbing pains, and what was worse is that instrument he inserted got stuck on the way out and opened up inside me, the pain was so great i screamed and it brought tears to my eyes. The whole thing completely traumatised me. OK after hearing all the scary stuff about cancer from the Doctors I spoke to I decided that considering doctors don’t cure anything but only remove the symptom i was going to go about this a different way. I am in no way suggesting that anyone go about this the way I am. Id also like to add that i am well aware of all the lovely ladies that have received leep, cone biopsy treatment and have gone on to live happy healthy lives. However it is too great a thing for me to have an inch of my cervix shaved off, only to risk the cin returning in a year or two. I need to get to the root cause and believe i can reverse this Cin3 with a change of diet a less stressful life style and with the amazing help of bicarbonate of soda. I will be popping on and off here over the next two months to inform you of my progress and I will get retested for CIN in two months time. If there anything you’d like to know about the methods i will be using of anything just to ask :). Also is any of you are in the same boat as me and are self treating i would love to hear from you. :)

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