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I'm new here...but hope I can gain some insight and advice from
Those of you who know.

I've been sick for going on 5 months now. It started with lower abdominal pain. The pain did not seem to be focused but rather a pressure/pain across my entire lower abdomen. I had nausea daily thought the day (rollercoaster like) and began drinking gingerale throughout the day to calm it. Eating made the pain worse sometimes and my bathroom habits changed drastically. I have never had these kinda of issues so I decided to see a gastroenterologist thinking it was stomach related.

He performed blood tests twice and an abdominal ultrasound. We then did a colonoscopy and an endoscopy. EVerything came back normal. He then suggested we look at uterus and ovaries so we did pelvis and transvaginal ultrasound. During that everything seemed fine until the tech started looking at my left ovary. The pain was very bad, at least 7 out if 10. I was certain something was wrong and waited for the results.

The doctor said everything was normal on the ultrasound and I did not believe it. He still recommended I see a gyno as we had ruled out cancers,etc of the stomach, intestines and colon. So I sent ultrasound results and went to my gyno.

She did a physical exam to see if she could solicit the pain in my ovary and she did. It hurt. She said perhaps its endometriosis but she would have to diagnostic surgery to see. Was not keen on that so we are waiting. In the meantime symptoms persist. In addition to the pain I've gained 30 lbs in last 4 months, mainly in the abdomen. This is with eating less and exercising! I'm bloated and nausea is huge annoyance. Also fatigued all day.

New to the mix is abnormal (for me) mid cycle bleeding that had just occurred. It lasted longer then my Normal period would, was very very heavy and bright red. I went to my gyno who didn't know why I was bleeding.
I also got an abnormal Pap smear and am scheduled for colposcopy Tuesday.

I am worried my symptoms may be indicating ovarian cancer, but can't seem to get a doctor to take me for testing. My current gyno is definitely out of her league on this and has not been helpful. I have tried getting appointments to see gynecological oncologists but they won't see me without a referral which my doc won't give until she does colpo. I'm frustrated because everything I read about ovarian cancer talks about how it's often misdiagnosed for years sometimes and I don't want to wait to be checked. I just want to rule it out at least. I'm so tired if being sick and want to get better.

I'm be glad to hear any advice on how to proceed and if you've had ovarian cancer, did you have there symptoms? Should I be checked?

Thanks for reading.

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