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Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with HPV five years ago- I might have had it for longer though. It only ever caused CIN1 (mild dysplasia) until last year, when my dr. found a small area of HSIL during a colpo. I had a LEEP and it came back LSIL. (not sure why the lab was using the SIL system as opposed to the CIN). My doctor said the margins were clear, but on the lab report there was no comment about the margins- I guess because it was only a low grade result? This has always been confusing to me. Anyway, since my LEEP I've had an ASCUS pap with HPV detected (4 months post leep) and then 2 normal paps. I have a new dr. now and she did an HPV test. It is still positive more than a year after my LEEP. My question is, does this mean the LEEP was unsuccessful? Is there still any chance the HPV will clear after 5 years? Will the dysplasia probably come back? And- this will sound crazy, but since the HPV hasn't cleared yet, will I definitely get cancer? (had to ask) I'm taking all the supplements and I eat healthy and exercise. I'm just so frustrated.

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