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Not sure if I should start from the first or just jump in. Guess I will attempt to start at the start:jester:. I have a long list of medical issues so when I have subtle changes, I don't always make note of them. Somewhere around August/September '12, I noticed that I had even less of an appetite than normal (I hardly ate anyway) and that eating even a little bit made me feel very full. I had a chest cold in Sept., that was diagnosed as pneumonia by the end of the month. I thought the appetite was due to that. The gnawing, scraping, burning pain that followed I thought was from all the antibiotics they had put me on. Any solid food was impossible to eat. October I had blood in my stool but a trip to the ER and nothing was done (I must have an intestinal infection from the antibiotics I was on they said). I didn't get better after taking acid blockers (never had indegestion at all until after taking those) so an endoscopy was done, I was told I had patchy gastritis and to keep taking Nexium and acidophilous. I pushed for further testing but the gastro doc said no. My primary care ordered a CT but insurance needed an ultrasound first. I have cysts on both kidneys, a cyst on left ovary and right ovary couldn't be seen but cyctic material was where right ovary should be. I have nausea and pain all the time. I saw a gyn doc and the pelvic exam about made me jump off the table. I should mention that I am about to turn 47 and the uterus/cervix was removed in 1999. GYN said I have to wait 6 weeks before a 2nd ultrasound can be done so that he will know what type of surgery is needed. January 10th will be that 2nd ultrasound. I know the cysts will still be there but I am wondering if there are any tell tale signs that this could be cancer? I just had blood in my urine and was told by ER that it was a bladder infection but I still have a tender bladder and it has been 2 months. I also have issues with my left hip that was discovered after pain started when taking one of the antibiotics for pneumonia. Hip: Possible avascular necrosis, subchondrial cyst, synovial herniation pit (all things mentioned in MRI report) and ortho doc says mine is a very complicated case and that surgery will have to be done (taking over 2-4 hours) but that I need to get gut stuff diagnosed first (this was before abdominal/pelvic ultrasound and before seeing gyn).
I know this is a lot of information but any input that anyone has would be appreciated. I am concerned. Cancer is on both sides of my family, a lot of it and various kinds.

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