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When I was going trough my problems I found this site a great help, so I wanted to tell my story in the hope that it can put someone at ease, as trust me I know about the worry and how scary it is to go trough.

It all started 2 years ago on a night out with friends, I suddenly got the most agonising sharp pains in my lower left hand stomach, to the point I couldn't walk. My friends took me to A&E and hours later they couldn't come up with anything except maybe constipation (I only had bloods taken) basically they thought I was a drunken time waster.

I had little niggles in the area on and off for another year, until again I got the pains. Mum took me to the doctor where I burst out in tears with the pain- he diagnosed a urine infection and gave me anti biotics and painkillers, but by the evening I was screaming in pain and throwing up, so my mum made me go to A&E again. They took a urine sample, said it wasn't an infection, and was probably an STI!! The doc said to go to the clinic to be tested. I couldn't believe it- 2 severe episodes of pain in the same area yet no one would scan me. Well the STI clinic nurses couldn't believe I was sent there, and the tests came back clear. I made several other trips to my gp and was told it probably was a urine infection but the antibiotics kicked in really fast, or that I was unlucky and caught a bad stomach bug twice. It was 18 months with no diagnosis, until I saw a female doctor as I had the pain again, and she sent me for a scan.

The scan revealed a cysy, which i didnt worry about as i know women get them all the time and they are left to go away, however an hour afyer my scan i got a call from the GP askin me to go and see them that day- thats when the panic kicked in. my doctor explained i had a 10x10x9cm cyst on my ovary- complex. The report said "several solid areas and thick outer wall". I was referred to a gynae and booked in for a CA125 blood test (the ovarian cancer one, I think I got the right name!) I was told if I got the pain again then to go straight to A&E- this was all 2 weeks before my holiday to Mexico. I spent the holiday worrying and having pain after swimming!

I got a gynae appointment soon and had another scan- he couldn't see either of my Ovary's so explained the cyst was probably twisted around them, making surgery more complex- I had to go through the risks of damage to the ovaries, and he sent me for more bloods to check for other cancers (he didn't say what) My world was torn apart- I was 23 and being tested for cancer and having to talk about the risks of losing my ovaries leaving me infertile- my mum was a complete wreck too, as she heard all this as she came with me to the appointment.

After months of worry including panic attacks about anaestetic (I have a phobia of it, and this was my first operation), I was scheduled for surgery. When I came round they explain it was a large what they thought dermoid cyst. It was removed under keyhole which was good but one of my incisions was larger than planned to get the thing out. I recovered well- it was hard standing and siting as you bend the stomach area but the thing I noticed most was the tiredness!

Well, my results come trough and it was indeed a dermoid cyst- which was completely benign- that's the cyst with the hair, teeth, cells etc!. They also found mild endometriosis.

I am glad it is now over but I know there are many people going through this right now. My experience has taught me:

When you know something isn't right- insist on testing. I didn't and it took 18 months to have a scan- while this thing was still getting bigger inside me

Don't google it- these forums are helpful as they are real life experiences but other sites pretty much told me I had ovarian cancer- the thought of having this for such a long time untreated scared me to death

After diagnosis, you begin to notice symptoms that you didn't before- most of it is mind play and worry that it is something serious

Talk- talking to people going trough what you are is a great help.

And lastly- there is no need to be scared of anaestetic :)

Well that's it- I hope I have put a few of you at ease and wish you all the best x

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