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No problem. I came here searching for more answers after my second round with this. I was actaully on vacation when I got the call from my doctors office, and it was hard enjoying my vacation when I heard, you have CIN111 and we're refering you to an oncologist. Then I came home and everyone wanted to know how awesome my vacation was. I can't just blurt out, well I almost have cancer!
From how I understand it, is if (as an example) you husband has it, it infects you, you cannot be "reinfected" with the same strain. Now if he cheats, gets another strain, you could be infected with that new strain. Of course this is all hypothetical, but a situation that is possible.
If this is something that is reoccuring and you cannot clear this, a hysterectomy is an option. An option I was presented with, but declined at this time. There is also a lot if info on these boards about having a hersterectomy to clear this.
I wish you the best of luck,

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