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Hello all I was diagnosed with Hpv after my ten year marriage ended in 2011 I believe sept. after diagnosed I was giving a biopsy and all was clear of any cancer cells . 6 months later I had my pap and hpv wasn't found I believe that was dec 2011/jan 2012 I got on the mirana and then started dating again in may of 2012 when i got on the mrana hpv still wasn't showing in pap. intercourse with my partner was very painful which I was told was normal the first few months for it be painful I also bled more then more after intercourse when we wouldn't have intercourse it was only minor spotting here and there but was pretty close together. Finally I called my gyn and told her I wanted it removed when I went in to explain to her why she said it was normal and I should give it more time. I refused and told her I want it removed. Well with a very rude smut face she removed it then walked out the room. Told me I will get a letter stating when my next apt would be. I very upset with the visit didn't want to see her again and I totally forgot to make my next apt in November 2012 so almost two months behind on my pap. Well starting last month I have been having these horrible pains in my lower area/ lower tummy along with horrible lower back hip and up leg pain not sure of to explain along with headaches that would not go away Loss appetite and bloating I also had the chills here and there and felt very nauseated. I went to the ER and requested a pelvic examination. Very pain full, after examine I was sent home put on antibiotics and pain meds. They called me a few days later Saying I had a vaginal bacteria so they swapped my antibiotics i got my period while on the antibiotics the 19th of dec/12 and slowely the pain and symptoms went away once finished with antibiotics I was feeling a lot better. Didn't have intercourse at all while I was healing and waited a few extra days after antibiotics were gone enter course was still a little painful but tolerable no spotting. Well we kinda would take breaks here and there so it wasn't to much on me. This past Thursday Friday and saturday we had enter course when I woke up Sunday I started having those pains again by the time it was time for bed they were worse just like before but I was extremely weak all all day Sunday so was in bed all day till it was time for bed. Today I wake up still uncomfortable in the same areas and it started spotting again unsure why period isn't due till the 19th 20th I feel like this whole thing is happening all over again around the same time as last. Maybe us having intercourse thurs frid and Saturday may have triggered the pain more I also need to frequently use the bathroom when I get these I'm going to call them attacks the headaches everything.. I am 29 years old was diagnosed before I turned 28 as of may when i got the marena put in my paps were coming back normal since my abnormal pap in 2011 I shouldn't be feeling like this it is absolutely not normal I'm lost and confused. I'm going to make an apt with a new gyn ASAP but not sure if I can take this pain to long and wait so I might be going to the ER again but a deferent town this time because the one in mine isn't all that great. Please if anyone can give me some advise on what's going on I know your not drs and I will be seeing mine I can't just let this go on the back burner something's not right. Any thoughts would be great please and thank you. I have two young boys ages 6 & 2 and I'm extremely worried.

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