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You are NOT alone! I am so sorry you are going through this. Your story sounds a little bit like mine. About 5 years ago I had moderate displasia. Went through with a LEEP, and after 2 years of monitoring it closely, I was normal, and went back to yearly checkups. Then Feb 2012 I had another abnormal pap. Did the colpo and biopsy, came back moderate displasia again. Went ahead with another LEEP. Went back 3 months later for an ECC and pap, and it didn't look good, came back CIN111. Because I am 27 and no kids yet, but desperately want them, she refered me to an oncologist gynecologist for futher guidence. As soon as I met with him I told him my expecations of wanting kids, and told me that would be his number one priority. Unfortunately the simple way of fixing this is a hysterectomy. So the oncologist suggested a THIRD LEEP in October, but this time he would be doing it under general anesthesia to reduce the discomfort because he was going to be super precise in what he was taking. I was told at this point I don't have very much cervix left, but enough that I should be able to get pregnant. (Now having a reduced cervix can put you in a high risk pregnancy, but as long as your OB knows, they can do things to make sure you don't early miscarry.) I just went back last week for my 3 month check up, and I am axiously waiting for the results.
My regular gyno has no explanation on why I went from mild to severe within 6 months. Being sent to an oncologist was terrifying, but I know, that at this point, I have nothing to lose.
One big thing both gynos mentioned was they don't see cases like mine that often, and when they do people are not really healthy and are smokers. I have never smoked and I am pretty healthy. So I guess the small percentage of us are really unlucky to just not be able to get over this!
If you have any questions, please ask. I know how scary this is, but being able to talk to people who have been there done that was a huge relief for me.
When do you go back for another colpo and biopsy?

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