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Hello all,

My future daughter in law went to the ER last week because of lower abdominal pain. They did blood work, pelvic, abdominal cat scan with contrast abdominal ultrasound and a trans vaginal ultrasound. Blood & pelvic normal. Here is what the c scan report said An 8.5x6.2 cm ovarian cystic mass demonstrating some septations. Considerations include ovarian cyst or mucinous or serous ovarian cystadenoma. The possibility of a neoplastic process cannot be excluded. 2. Right ovarian cyst demonstrated 5.1x3.7 cm with hyperdensity within its lumen, suggesting a hemorrhagic cyst.
Here is the ultrasound report: There is a complex septated 3.6x2.9x3.3 cm cyst in the right ovary containing a round echogenic 2cm nodule. There is a lg. septated cyst in the left measuring 6.7x8.9x6.2 cm containing low level internal echoes.
1. Bilateral complex cysts, left larger than right
2. Blood flow identified to both ovaries.

She has an appt monday 4/22 at 4:30 just looking for some insight on here now. I am so very worried about her. Can anyone tell me what they think or if they have had something similar. Thank you all for your responses.


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