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The stress has been the hardest thing for me to control, mainly because after the shock of the HSIL finding wore off, I did a bunch of research and planned for everything I thought could happen. Unfortunately, the biopsies from the colposcopy were inconclusive, so that added another level of stress. I'm going to get a copy of the report when I go for my LEEP (which just got rescheduled to next week). I think no matter what happens, at this point I'm going to want someone else to review all of the slides and get their opinion. My gyno had told me pretty much from day 1 that I'd have to have the LEEP, either because the dysplasia was severe or because if the biopsy results were negative, we'd need to figure out what the disparity was. I assumed the biopsy results would be CIN III, because my gyno said there are cases where she doesn't see any abnormalities on the colpo, but she told me up front that wasn't going to be the case with me.

My biggest concern is clearing the HPV or making it dormant, since the past 2 years of my life have been very stressful. I'm working on trying to keep my stress levels down, which is easier said than done, and eating healthy and taking vitamins. I haven't said anything to my family about this because my Dad is having neurological problems (looks like early stages of dementia), and since I don't know anything, they need to focus more on him. My close friends know and have been very supportive, so that helps.

I have been watching a lot of movies, and getting out, and if the sun ever comes out again, that will help, too. I know it's hard, but studying might help take your mind off of things. Yesterday I actually had a really good day because I just decided not to think about any of this, since I can't do anything until next week. I went shopping, too, which also helped :) So I guess, do all you can do for now, which is eating healthy and taking vitamins, and try not to worry as much as possible. The key factor for you is you're young, and from everything I've read (and believe me, I've read a lot), in the vast majority of cases, any dysplasia will resolve on its own.

Hang in there, too. !

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