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Hello to all,
I am new on the boards but by searching about CIN I discovered some comments. Last week I had the first frightening experience in my life. I had a pap smear and the result was not as expected. Infact it was with ASCUS. So my doc told me about colposcopy and biopsy. I had them today. The result of the colposcopy was CIN I-II and I will be waiting for the biopsy results.
I must say my world turned upside down all of a sudden. My only thought was my little daughter.. Does anyone know if CIN I-II is mild or not and what action can you take afterwards. How can I handle the psychological distress and turmoil?

Any advice or comments are welcome. Thank you very much
I had mild dysplasia for OVER TEN YEARS with no treatment. My first colposcopy and biopsy was over a year ago and it was still mild enough just to wait and watch. I had another colposcopy and biopsy last month and my dysplasia progressed to possible high grade. This past Tuesday I had LEEP. the results were CIN 3 (severe dyplashia) thankfully all my margins were clear of any problem. I have my follow up in six months and my doctor expects a normal result.

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