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First of all, I am sorry you are having to deal with this. All of us here know how hard it is and remember you are NOT alone. With that said I am going to give you the info I have discovered over the past month and a half since getting my LSIL pap.

I went to the doctor last week and had a pre-possible colpo consultation with my doctor and Ill give you a run down of what she told me.

She said:
There are 3 common abnormal paps that she sees often.

1. ASCUS which is what you have. ASCUS is low grade abnormalities of unknown origin. This means that it isn't likely it is caused by HPV (is a possiblity but not likely). ASCUS is pretty common and usually resolves on its own and isn't a big concern to her or her practice. Usually patients are told to return in 6 months to a year to repap. This may go on for 2 years before a colpo is performed if ASCUS remains and does not get better.

2. LSIL...this is the same as ASCUS changes but they are 85% of the time caused by HPV. I have and LSIL pap and honestly my doctor wasn't worried at all which relieved me greatly. They usually try to do a colpo with this type of pap but in women in their mid and early 20s these changes usually revert back. She gave me the option to sit it out for 3 months and come back for a colpo.

3. HSIL these are taken more seriously and usually requier an immediate colpo. HSIL is NOT cancer but it is far more likely to turn into it than ASCUS or LSIL.

These three paps correlate to CIN 1, 2 or 3.

ASCUS from what my doctor said isn't even considered dysplasia really. See your doctor said it looks like CIN 1-2 but you may get your biopsies back and it be totally normal. I am almost willing to bet that is the case.

LSIL correlates to CIN 1 which is mild dysplasia

HSIL usually correlates to CIN 2/CIN 3 or moderate to severe abnormalities.

I honestly think you are in a GREAT place and you are a far cry from cancer.

I would if at all possible, stay away from the LEEP procedure. They literally cut chunks of your cervix off. My mother has a friend who had LEEP 2 times and she cannot carry a baby. ALWAYS if you feel uncomfortable get a second opinion. Cervical cancer is so slow growing that there is NO reason to rush into a panic and have the first surgery done that the doctro suggest. Research your options if you need to have a procedure done.

CIN 1 is usually not treated at all unless it sticks around for 2 years.....CIN 1 has a high regression rate.

You can do things to help your body regress your abnormalities....I am taking folic acid, a prenatal vitamin, vitamin C, Beta Carotene and Borage oil. All of these help in producing healthy cell DNA and help your immune system out. Your cervix reproduces cells every 7-14 days so it is a constant process. There are plenty of studies on beta caratene and folic acid aiding in the regression of cervical dysplasia. Just google it.

Stress is a hard thing to get through when you have an abrnomal pap. I suggest talking to your family about your situation.....that helped me a lot. Just being able to talk to my family and know that they are there for me. Also, once i talked to my family I realized that quiet a few of my family members have been through an abnormal pap and survived it just fine.....most of them with no procedures at all.

Just hang in there and ALWAYS seek out all of your options. The healthcare field does thrive on money and I do strongly believe that some of the gyno procedures are overused and can cause serious issues that didn't have to come about at all. Do not let your doctor scare you into doing anything. Do what feels right to you...

Hang in there! I am willing to bet everything turns out just fine!

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