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Thanks STLouisgal for your feedback.

Today I met with the doctor who performed the cone, and unfortunately after he checked again with the pathologist, he realized that even though the depth of the invasion was only 2 mm, the size of the tumor was over the 7 mm limit which now makes the cancer a stage IB1.

He showed my husband and I pictures of the affected area, and clearly there was a lot of damaged tissue. So now only once choice remains. hysterectomy with lymph node removal (which was his original recommendation). Ovaries are repositioned so that in case there are cancer cells in the tissue that will be removed, radiotherapy can be used with as little damages as possible to the ovaries.

We asked him about the robotic surgery, and he felt it was the best choice. He has done "hundreds" of robotic surgery, and felt very confident that this was the best way forward.

I must say that my doctor has been great. He recommended that I get a 2nd opinion, spent 45 minutes to 1 hour each of the 3 times I met with him explaining everything in detail and he is very easy to talk to, so I've been lucky so far.

The other choice would be a laparascopy hysterectomy which from what i found has similar results.

Da Vinci marketing is pretty aggressive and I've read some of the cases and watched CNBC report on the company which are quite scary. On the other hand I also contacted 2 friends who had the robotic surgery and they are doing very well and their recovery time was fairly short. So since I am limited in choices at this point I think this is the best option for me.

What I don't understand is why the 2nd opinion was so much off the established guidelines. I assume that he just did not have all the information needed to make an informed decision.

The NCCN cervical cancer guidelines helped me immensely in clarifying what options I have based on my test results.

Overall I consider myself quite lucky that the cancer is at an early stage, This all happened in one year !!!. Keeping my pap smear appointment this year, probably saved my life.

The fact that I'm keeping my ovaries also is a relief.

it looks like I should be ok after the hysterectomy. But I'll have to wait for the results of the hysterectomy biopsy. I'll post additional information in the upcoming weeks.

Best to everyone
I had my DaVinci hysterectomy which included removal of the lymph nodes almost 2 weeks ago, ovaries were not removed.. The good news is that pathology was negative so no additional treatment is necessary and I just need to visit my doctor every 3 months for follow up.

Recovery has been a bit difficult, had a urinary track infection (probably due to the catheter) and I've been really sore in my pelvic area as well as some lower back pain. This time unlike when I had the cold knife cone, I was prepared to avoid gases and constipation, so that was not an issue.

I started walking the day after the surgery which was pretty amazing considering how I was feeling... the ride home with all the bumps on the road was difficult.

For the first few days it was impossible to sleep laying down so I opted for the couch where I could keep with my upper body elevated.

Fortunately pain medication has helped and although I see that many others were able to stay away from stronger medication after a few days, I cut down on mine but still need to take something strong to control the pain.

Went for additional blood tests today to determine if the urinary infection is still present.

I have been feeling a bit sad these last couple of days which I think is normal and I know it will get better.

I am particular grateful that friends were able to help out with my 2 year old for a couple of days after the surgery while my husband helped me.

Hoping to feel better by the time I have to go back to work in 2 weeks.

I'll post another update by then.

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