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Abnormal paps can be caused by rather harmless conditions such as inflammation. That's why it's generally recommended that abnormal paps be repeated. However, it seems odd that it showed up as high grade dysplasia (HGISL) but I don't know much about the accuracy of paps as far as low grade versus high. Nor do I know much about the error rate of cervical biopsies.

Another thing to consider - Just as doctors have different levels of knowledge and experience, so do pathologists. Sometimes it's good to get another pathologist to read the tissue sample whether it be the pap smear or tissue from the biopsy.

Since removal of cervical tissue can have adverse effects, it makes sense to not rush into having this treatment that may be unnecessary. Having been over-treated and harmed by my gynecologist, I'm now much more skeptical and research everything to the max before proceeding with any diagnostic test or treatment!

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