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Based on the interim normal paps since the abnormal one 5 years ago, it sounds like the abnormal cells and probably the HPV too resolved on their own. This is common in normal, healthy women especially younger ones. And your doctor is correct in saying that abnormal cells [U]typically[/U] take many years (as many as 10) to develop into cancer. [U]And most low grade lesions (CIN1 aka LGSIL) revert to normal, no treatment needed.[/U]

The body's ability to cure itself of HPV and abnormal cells is the reason that pap smear guidelines have changed to be done every 3 years instead of every year. So don't beat yourself up especially since you were not told about the results of the colposcopy 5 years ago. Of course, when there's an abnormal pap smear, these guidelines don't apply in that repeat paps and sometimes colposcopy are needed. But the annual testing was causing too many women to undergo unnecessary treatments that were causing harm (such as infertility and incompetent cervix causing preterm labor and possibly even miscarriages). And keep in mind that abnormal paps can be caused by relatively harmless conditions such as inflammation, non-HPV infections, and even pregnancy.

Since your abnormal cells reversed to normal before, this may very well happen again. Of course, monitoring is necessary.

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