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I just turned 28 in April and I don't have any kids yet. If this is something very important to you, I know how you feel!

I've actually had a longer history with this. Here's a little bit about my experience. About 6 years ago I had an abnormal pap. after the colposcopy it came back CIN1. We waited, retested, and it progressed. She performed the LEEP. After that, I went 6 years with everything being okay. Fast forward to last year, and I had an abnormal pap. Did the colposcopy again with an ECC, and I believe it showed CIN11. My gyn and I sat down and had a long talk about my options. She felt with as fast as mine was progressing, that the LEEP was my best option. I reiterated again how I felt about having children and she said that she'd do everything possible to make sure that was still an option. So I went ahead with another LEEP. I retested with a pap a few months later and the results were not good. She recommended that I saw a gynecologist oncologist for further treatment.

First thing I told the gyn onc was that a hysterectomy was not an option at this point. So I he did another colposcopy and it confirmed the CIN111. At this point he said that a 3 (yes I said 3!) LEEP was necessary but that he was going to do it under general anesthesia so he could very selective on what he took. (I had total faith in him as he is the leading gyn oncologist in my area). I am now 8 months out from that and I have had all normal paps!

My question to you is, is the high grade the HPV or is it the dysplasia? And did they give you a rating of CIN 1, 11, or 111? If they said that it was high grade dysplasia then I would be asking for further treatment or getting a second opinion. Getting a second opinion with a gynecologist oncologist is always an option too.

Having the LEEP done for the first time shouldn't impact your ability to have children. After having 3, I have been told that once I get pregnant that I will have to be monitored closely because my cervix may not be strong enough to hold a baby full term, but there are different things they can do to prevent you from having miscarriages or going into preterm labor. I feel better knowing that I have taken care of the possibility of having cancer but also preserving my ability to still get pregnant.

Sorry this got so long, but I wanted to sympathizes with you, and to let you know that you are not the only one going through this, even if you feel like you are! Big hugs to you, and if you have anymore questions, feel free to ask.

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