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I don't know what may be causing the irregular bleeding. It could be from the post-partum hormonal changes or even whatever was causing the irregularities before you got pregnant.

Abnormal pap smears can be caused by relatively harmless conditions that have nothing to do with dysplasia or cancer. [I][U]Minor infections, inflammation, and even pregnancy can cause abnormal paps[/U][/I]. So it's generally recommended that an abnormal pap be repeated (not sure of timeframe - 3 or 6 months later I think) before doing any more testing or treatment.

And even if there is some mild dysplasia, it usually resolves on its own in young, healthy women even if HPV is present. That's why it's now recommended that pap smears be started later (at age 21) and only repeated every 3 years. Of course, if one has an abnormal pap, these guidelines don't apply as closer monitoring is warranted. The testing of women younger than 21 and annual testing was causing too many women to be overtreated which can cause fertility and pregnancy problems, not to mention the costs of unnecessary testing and treatment.

Hopefully, you'll fall into the majority of women whose abnormal pap is nothing serious.

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