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I had my first abnormal pap in December 2011, when I went in for my first pregnancy checkup. I also found out I have an active HPV infection. I then had a colpo, which wasn't very thorough to avoid miscarriage risk. I had a follow up pap after a c-section in September 2012, where my OBGYN told me things had progressed. I had a cone biopsy in November 2012 that confirmed and was ordered a LEEP.

Had a LEEP in January 2013. Was told to return in 4 months - couldn't get an appointment until the end of June. I was told there were "mild abnormalities", to not worry, and follow up in 4 months. I got a copy of the results yesterday - still low grade, but now with evidence of HSIL, and an active yeast (candida) infection.

Now, I won't go off on a tangent about how I'm filled with angst and hatred that my abusive ex-husband who had to do one more thing, cheat and give me HPV.

Obviously, the LEEP didn't work. I'm getting sick and tired of my doctor telling me not to worry and to wait. I've removed all "added sugars", grains and dairy from my diet and switched to plain protein and produce. At least it might help with the extra baby weight and the candida.

Is it possible that the candida is causing the HSIL? I can't find anything to support that idea, but am holding out hope.

I'm in my late 20s, and I'm just not prepared to deal with something as bad as this is becoming. I feel like my doctor told me to sit and wait to die.

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