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I have been experiencing pain in my left side, very low down, (where I believe my ovary to be, for the past 8 months). I was diagnosed with Polycystic ovaries, around 15 years ago, (I was fortunate, I had 2 children, before I was diagnosed) Anyway, I used to suffer with horrendously heavy periods, and in 2007, I had an endometrial oblasion, (removing the lining of my womb). My periods completely stopped... I have had a little intermittent bleeding on and off over the past 18 months, but nothing at all in the last 6 months. I have had various ultrasound scans in the past 2 years, showing a bulky womb, a cyst on my left ovary and then a cyst on my right one. Each time, my GP said, Don't worry about it. I was told in 2004, for whatever reason, by a Gynaecologist if nothing was done with my ovaries, I would end up getting ovarian cancer, which has always stayed with me... yet my GP always says, don't worry about that.

Anyway, I started getting intermittent sharp pain in my left side low down, enough to make me scream out in pain, and on 2 occasions leaving me, unable to walk..around 8 months ago, I went to my GP, and she arranged an Ultrasound scan, I went back for the results, where she categorically told me, my left ovary was absolutely normal, a small cyst was on the right one, and my womb was bulky, meaning I had, had some fibroid activity, but no fibroids were showing, but the left ovary was normal, so the pain was not coming from that. To cut a long story short, over the next few months, she believed it was my bowel, (I had started suffering with constipation) and she prescribed laxido, and told me to increase my fibre intake, all she then did for the next few months, was tell me to increase the laxido... I eventually went back, saying "I am sorry, but this pain is not getting better", and she said, well we know your ovaries are ok, so I will send you to a bowel specialist, seeing as this has been going on for a while now... He sent me for a sigmoidoscopy, which revealed, Diverticular Disease, but he feels this is not related to my symptoms, and sent me for a pelvic and abdominal ct scan, this has revealed an enlarged left ovary... but more worrying, he has told me in a letter, "that the CT scan, has "again" shown the left ovary is larger than the right one, it was noted in the ultrasound scan done in January, that the left ovary was enlarged and bigger than the right one... My GP, told me, the left ovary was normal...
He is referring me for another ultrasound scan to be carried out on 12th September, he said the Radiologist Doctor, feels it would be best, to do it then to see if it is still enlarged... All I have read since, is an enlarged ovary, being one of the first signs of ovarian cancer, constipation and tiredness also being a symptom, I have been badly constipated, and the tiredness I have recently been experiencing, has been like no other form of tiredness I have ever had, last week I became so unwell suddenly, projectile vomiting and doubled in pain, I don't know what to think.... The vomiting could have been completely disconnected to this, I know. I am just really worrying, a part of me, says if my ovary was enlarged in January and still is, and it seems it is only slightly enlarged, that is a good thing, and maybe therefore, no need to worry at all. But another part of me, keeps thinking about what the Consultant said years ago... No-one will tell me anything, my GP, is useless, the Consultant has now gone on holiday, and his secretary, just tells me, she cannot comment, and wait for the scan... which is over 5 weeks away???
I don't want to be molicoddled, if it is likely to be something to worry about, I would sooner know, at least if I know, I should be worrying, I can try and deal with it... I don't want to be complacent, and then be hit with terrible news, I hope that makes sense....
I just wondered, if anyone out there, can make sense of this, and maybe give me some advice, good or bad, I just need to have some idea of what I may be faced with.

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