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Try to make my story short. I am 42 years old and had a partial hyster at the age of 35 due to severe adenomyosis. I have had female issues for as long as I can remember. Diagnosed with HPV when I was 19. Had a cone biopsy which was normal and had the cells frozen.

Had my first cyst that had to be removed when I was 22. Suffered from irregular period my entire life. Had two of my children early (34 and 35 weeks, even though premature labor started at 27 and 28 weeks). Suffered one miscarriage in between.

During the years I have had D&C, ablation, tubal ligation and when I knew I was tired of the adenomyosis I elected to have the partial. I kept my cervix and ovaries.

I then was one of the lucky ones who still have a monthly period since the small part of the uterus was still attached to my cervix. This went on until about 7 months ago.

Lately I have been having a lot of pain in my lower right side, near my ovaries. Friday the pain was terrible (I have a high tolerance for pain) and I felt very sick. I started worrying it could be my appendix so I went to the ER. They were very behind and I ended up being there 8 hours. During that time I only had basic labs and a CT scan. I asked about an ultrasound and they said not needed since i do not have a gallbladder. made no sense to me. The CT scan showed small amounts of free fluid, a hernia and also cysts on both ovaries. They suggested I have an ultrasound at this point but would be another 2 hours. I elected to leave and follow up with my Dr which I did yesterday.

My Doctor is away for the month and I had to see one of the other Drs (who I have never seen before). She did an exam (today stated that I did not appear to be in pain, I guess because I did not have a fit while she was pushing on my but I told her it was hurting). She told me to go for a ultrasound. I went yesterday and they did both an external and internal one. I received a copy of the results today and am concerned but she called me and told me both my ovaries look great and no reason to be concerned.

I am not so sure because of numerous questions...

The results were that my ovaries were not visualized. They stated they saw a complex cyst but it was on my left ovary, my pain is on the right.

They also noted the free fluid as well and a nabothian cyst which would explain the pain I have with intercourse.

She called me to tell me I am fine. Said my ovaries looked great and no concern with anything. I asked how could she state that if they could not see them and she said because if there was a problem it would show. Said the complex cyst was nothing to worry about.

I am still having lots of pain on the right side, worse today and feels like pinching when I get up and down, then sharp shooting pains. I know I have cysts because they showed up on the CT scan.

I am also concerned because my mother died at the age of 51 from colon/rectal/liver cancer and the doctors suspected ovarian but she would not let anyone test further after given a 3-6 month time frame. i know she experienced lots of unusual bleeding and unable to have intercourse. She had not been to the gyn for 18 years so who knows what she may have had. I know I have been told of the link between colon/ovarian/breast. This Doctor told me no link. My mother was the 3rd generation to have colon cancer.

Should I be concerned, should I ask for more testing? Unsure, i am also experiencing terrible heartburn/indigestions. have been for a few months and supposed to be scoped in 2 weeks. I take all the presribed medicines you can think of and consuming a bottle of tums a week. Sleep sitting up so this is not normal to me. I also told the dr since and she seemed to pass it off.

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