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Ovary worries
Sep 16, 2013
I have posted on here before, but will try and summarise things as they stand at the moment, as I am really worrying, and getting no answers just now.

I had an endometrial oblation in 2007, which stopped my periods completely.

After months of going back and forth to my GP, with sharp intermittent pains in the lower left side of my abdomen, I was sent to see a specialist at the local hospital. I had, had an ultrasound scan in January, and was told there was a small cyst on my right ovary and my womb was bulky, but the left ovary was fine, so it couldn't be the left ovary causing my pain.

The specialist sent me for further tests, one of which was a CT scan, the results of this, came back showing the left ovary was again still enlarged as it had been in the ultrasound scan in January??? I had been told the left ovary was fine from that scan... it was decided that I would have to wait 6 weeks for another ultrasound scan to be carried out to see what was happening with the enlarged ovary.. I had this scan last Thursday. The radiologist told me, that the left ovary did need to be checked again following the ct scan, and she asked me if I had also been told about the fluid that had been seen in my abdomen, I told her, I hadn't and she just said, Ok, well I need to check that whilst you are hear, she did a transvaginal scan aswell. At the end of the scan, she asked if I had an appointment to see the Consultant, to which I said, I hadn't, I assumed one would be posted out to me after they had the results from this scan, she then told me, the report would be put on the system for him to see that day, and I should hear then soon.
I came home, and made the mistake of googling fluid in the abdomen, it was meant to put my mind at rest, but didn't help, as I found nothing that would make me think, this is something not to worry about...
What is making me more worried, is the fact that as time has passed, I seem to have more symptoms, started... I do not know if these are related. But I have been suffering with constipation, lower back pain, the need to wee a bit more, I have had some horrible attacks, of abdominal pain, where I have been doubled up with pain, I have sometimes vomited badly, other times, just felt really nauseous, my pulse has dropped and I have had chest pain, I mentioned this to my GP, and she said, it sounds like my body is going into shock, and maybe this is because the ovary is twisting itself??? I also recently found out I am slightly Vitamin D deficient... I can't help but worry at the moment... I phoned the Consultants secretary today, and she told me he hasn't seen the scan report yet, but she has printed a copy off and put it with my file on his desk, so I should hear in the next week... but a week still seems so far away, when all I can do right now, is worry.
Any advice, would be greatly received right now, even if its not good, I just need to have some kind of idea as to what I might be facing.
Re: Ovary worries
Sep 19, 2013
Don't know where to go from here, the Consultant, has decided to write to me, and tell me, he doesn't need to see me again, if I am still having pain, just go back and see the GP...
I feel like I am gonna go mad, I saw my GP for 8 months before she referred me to this Consultant, he sent me for a sigmoidoscopy as well as a CT scan, and the sigmoidoscopy showed Diverticular disease, he just wrote to me after that, and said, he understood, they had told me at the time of the scan, so felt there was no need to do anymore on that??? the CT scan showed the enlarged ovary, as it was in January, and at the repeat ultrasound scan, it was mentioned about the fluid in the abdomen, and now, he says he doesn't feel what has been found relates to my pain, so go back to your GP.
As things stand at the moment, I have constant discomfort, with a dull period like cramping pain, low back pain, and feel just generally bloated and uncomfortable. I have big flare ups, intermittently that literally take my breath away (severe pain in the lower left side, radiating into my back and upper leg) I have also noticed a small swelling, almost in line with the pubic line, in the left groin high up, if that makes sense). I have been told from the scan I had in January, and one done in December 2011, that my womb looked bulky, I feel bloated, and am going to the toilet very frequently, even getting up in the night now too, which is very unusual, for me. I really do not feel well, but don't know if I can go back to the GP, just to be fobbed off again for the next 8 months, like I was before... Why won't someone take me seriously??? I know something isn't right, but how do I make someone believe me, and more importantly help me, I cannot go on with this pain for much longer.

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