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So sorry to hear about your pain, that's unusual for after a colpo. If it keeps up I would call your doctor just in case.

Both cryo and LEEP are established treatments for cervical dysplasia. A recent article I read suggested that the main difference was whether you needed a specimen to examine afterward (which you would only have with a LEEP). Otherwise, there wasn't suficient high-quality evidence to say one was better than the other. Maybe its just the equipment your doctor has, or the procedure he's most familiar with. If that's the only reason it shouldn't be hard to find a doc that would do a LEEP. I was fine with a panty liner after mine, I had very little bleeding. I haven't had cryo so I don't know what the discharge is like after that, I'm surprised it would last a month.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you to get it all figured out!
If future pregnancy is desired, LEEP (and conization) can cause an incompetent and stenotic cervix which can cause pre-term labor (and may affect fertility too). Cryosurgery is safer in this regard and studies show it to be similar in effectiveness. LEEP does seem to be more popular but it could be because it's more profitable not because it's necessarily better. So it seems reasonable that your doctor would do cryo instead of LEEP. Do a search for something like " leep versus cryotherapy" and see what's out there.

One other thing to consider - A stenotic cervix can cause the uterus to become engorged with blood because it can't get through the cervix. This can cause chronic pain and require that you have stent procedures periodically to open the cervix to allow the blood to escape. This can also happen with another gyn procedure, endometrial ablation.

I was over-treated and harmed which has caused me to research any medical treatment thoroughly before proceeding.
I had cryotherapy 7 days ago and I am still having watery discharge. So much that a panty liner will not suffice. This is my second time getting cryo in the last 4 years, I think that's because of the HPV virus that I am more likely to get abnormal pap smears. Anyways my doctor must of froze more this time because I had cramps all day afterwards. The next day I was fine. Expect to get discharge for at least 12 days to a month, that is what I read. Also you can't exercise, have sex, douche, or wear a tampon for 2-3 weeks, in some places I've read for at least 3 weeks. So cryo is a hassle afterwards but it's got a 85-90% success rate.
-Also I've developed a rash/soreness from wearing thick pads all day. That's just me.

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