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Yes, it's normal to be scared about all of this. I had a LEEP back in May and was pretty wound up about it, mainly because I had read too many message board entries (most on other sites). It wasn't bad at all. I was having pain during sex and my colpo results, which were otherwise inconclusive, said I had a lot of inflammation as well. I did have pain when the dr. put the speculum in, which I think was due to the inflammation. I felt nothing during the LEEP itself and other than some bad cramping for about 5 minutes a couple of hours after the procedure, didn't have any pain. My legs felt a little weak for a couple of hours later, and I had bleeding for a couple of weeks aftwerwards, but only one day was heavy. I was able to walk my dogs about 3 or 4 hours after the procedure and worked the next day. I got the impression most people don't have bleeding as long as I did and it was only a problem for me because I had to wear pads, which I hate. The doctor will use the same yellow paste they use with the colpo, so you'll probably have the paste discharge and some discharge that looks kind of like coffee grounds for a couple of days and then maybe bleed lightly for a couple of days. Other than that, it really wasn't bad.

The pain/bleeding during sex just sucks - been there, too, although the pain has stopped (finally) and the bleeding seems to be letting up. It all seemed a lot better after the LEEP, so my guess is that may have something to do with the lesions, and once they've been removed and you've healed, things may get better. I have CIN II/III and had HSIL after a 2 yr. gap in pap smears (mainly because my primary care told me it was ok to wait after having negative tests for 20+ years). My gynecologist seems to think this is treatable, and she said she had one patient who was dealing with persistent CIN III, but other than that, it sounded like removing the lesions works for the majority of people.

I know it's tough, but try not to worry about it too much. I made myself crazy between my initial pap and the LEEP. I had my follow-up pap about 2 weeks ago and am still waiting for the results, but I'm determined not to worry about it until there's a reason to, because I came unglued a lot earlier in the year.) Let us know how things go.

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