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Ovarian Cancer?
Dec 23, 2013
I have googled myself sick. I need some advice. I have tried to ask for help before but no one ever replies ;( I am 27 years old. I wouldn't even THINK about cancer if i didn't have a friend just pass away at age 36 of colon cancer. On Sunday Dec 8 i slipped and fell on ice and hit my knee HARD. It bruised. About 4 days later i started experiencing low low back pain. Like buttocks area. It got better gradually and today I feel no pain in back or legs. Yesterday I got this bad burning sensation what felt like in the right side of my pelvis and/or down my thigh. I couldn't tell honestly. It went away after a couple of hours. It wasnt so bad that i was doubled over, just uncomfortable... I couldnt tell if it was ovary or what. My period just ended yesterday. Well today, most of the day, i have had bad indigestion pain in my stomach. I had it a few days ago as well. Mind you, i have been worrying myself SICK to the point that I can't eat sometimes because i am so worried. I am worried i have ovarian cancer and last week i worried SICK i had colon cancer from back pain. I have an appetite when i stop worrying. i dont feel bloated i dont think? I ate normally today...Yesterday i didnt each much bc i was sick from worrying. I am about to just take myself to the ER before i lose my mind. If i had ovarian cancer would the back pain and what i thought was maybe pelvis pain go away? or be persistent? i guess i should also add i started taking Metamucil as well. For a little over a week. Can that cause indigestion pains? Can anyone please offer me some advice? i cant take off work to go the OBGYN right now bc holiday week, do i need to go the hospital or will they think i am crazy? thank you! as you can imagine i feel like quite the hypochondriac right now...

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